2016 Featherlite Crusader


Why pick from the featherlite range? The trend is for lighter and lighter sticks. Gone are the days when heavy sticks were needed for power. Look at the materials used in stick construction now - the same as aeroplanes! The truth is that you don’t need weight for power and there are a growing band of players who prefer lighter sticks for better skill execution.

The Featherlite Crusader mould is a replica of the standard 3 core Crusader.The stick mould is identical to the Shadow with a 24.70mm bow reached 270mm from the head. The Crusaders real difference is the hook head, allowing you extra control on stopping (reverse and front) and close control stick skills (in the air or on the ground).

A fantastic all rounders stick, the mid low bow will generate extra power on your overheads or part time drag flicks.

Made using our unique EDGE manufacturing process and composition, this is a stick you will love.  As well as our special composition, and unique shape, the stick comes with these standard Edge features:

1.Reinforced slap zone and head to make your passes sizzle over longer distances.

2.Reinforced backhand zone for those beloved of the ‘tomma’, if you catch the edge (no pun intended), then the goalie won’t even know about it.

The Crusader artwork is inspired by legendary NT artist Damien Clarke. For me details on Damien and his background please click here.

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