2018 Gonzo


2017 Update

Sizzling into the range for 2017 is the Gonzo.  Inspired in name by a well regarded Muppet and Gold Medal Drag Flicker, this mould will excite all true penalty corner specialists out there.

The beauty of this beast is the ultra low point of inflection in the bow. With a perceptible kink right at the bottom of the shaft / start of the head, this will help you generate the whip you want for powerful and accurate flicking. Defenders looking to clear their lines over the top of the press should consider this stick also – for extra length and height on your flicks.

Featherlite RRP $475

Technical Notes

EDGE 2017 Gonzo

The 24.9mm bow is the largest you are legally allowed. We’ve stretched the boundaries of ultra low bow possibility by kinking the shaft at the head join.

Shaft thickness and head have been shaved for maximum performance. Standard handle and head shapes round out the structure.

The 2017 model has the standard EDGE features of a reinforced slap zone and head to make your passes sizzle over longer distances; and  reinforced backhand zone for those beloved of the ‘tomma’.


Australian Availability

Currently Available in Australia in Featherlite only:

- international construction specification

- Weighs only 490g

- 90% carbon content

- 2 channel core

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