Choosing Your Mould

The shape of the stick is referred to as the mould. 

We name our stick moulds for easy identification. In quick terms:

1.The Gonzo is a drag flickers dream. The lowest possible, maximum bow we could make. Its brand new for 2017. 

Edge Gonzo

2.The Dancer has a mid low bow and grooved shaft. It’s great for control, flicking and slinging the ball. This mould has been slightly altered for 2017. Its a best seller. 

Edge Dancer

3.The Crusader has a mid low bow, without the groove shaft – but does have a hook head for extra control. It replaces our best selling Shadow. 

Edge Crusader

4.The Transcend is a standard bow with a slimline shaft. A great allrounder. It is a brand new mould for 2017. 

5.The Voyager is our straightest mould at 17mm. Its perfect for those with perfect technique.

Edge Voyager