Our Range

We believe in developing the best sticks possible for every playing style. We don’t believe that you have to compromise on touch to gain power (or power to gain touch!). We believe in delivering both at the same time.

So we’ve designed a 3 channel cavity system, engineered with reverse strutting technology and protected with a 3k woven carbon overlay:

  • The 3 channel cavity system gives a consistency to the power levels through the length of the stick. It also increases the power levels with extra surface area of reinforcement.
  • The reverse engineered strut system extends the reliability of the stick, meaning you are guaranteed long term consistent performance.
  • The 3k carbon weave is layered on top of super strength uni-directional carbon. The interwoven fibres provide world class touch, feel and responsiveness.

Engineered using the world’s finest fibre and material producers EDGE sticks are set into shapes designed for every playing style.  Enjoy.

Download our Quick Stick Guide to learn more about our range.