Which is your top of the range stick?

ALL OF THEM! We don’t have a ‘top of the range’ stick. We recognise that different players like different types of sticks. We produce all our sticks with premium quality leading materials.

How much carbon is in the stick?

Historically there was a belief that higher carbon content sticks were better. Technology has evolved quite a bit since then, particularly with our latest advancements. How a stick plays is based on many things – particularly the ingredients you use and how you knit them all together. We don’t specify carbon levels as it is of no relevance.

When will my order be shipped?

We send out orders twice per week on Monday and Thursday. Orders must be received prior to 7am WST to make cut off. If you need your sticks in a hurry, send us a message and we’ll do our very best to get them to you straight away. Australia Post advise that delivery around Australia can take 5 days, but is often quicker (3 days) to those in the major cities.

Can I pick my order up?

We are an online retailer, but there are sports shops across the country beginning to stock our range. Visit EDGE Stockists for details of our Australia and International distribution.

Can I pick a specific weight and balance point?

We have the weights and balance points specified in the online shop available.

Why are your sticks cheaper than other major brands?

We’re sick of people getting ripped off when they want to purchase a hockey stick. Hockey is an expensive past time, especially when the whole family plays. There is no good reason for the retail price points in Australia. In fact, most of them are not even real price points. Check out most of the top of the range sticks and you will see that they have been marked down into a ‘deal’. We could also claim to have a $650 stick (yes thats what some brands claim) and then discount it to half price! We don’t deal like that. EDGE sticks have ground breaking technology that is delivering game changing effects for international level players. The price is $250.