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Welcome to EDGE.

We believe in being different. Do you?

We don’t make unprovable claims that our sticks our better, or hit harder. We don’t aim to confuse you with hard to prove technological claims.

We don’t do mainstream. We do different. We design products with a little extra twist. We innovate in tangible ways you can see, feel and prove. We believe in products that help you play better. We believe in products that help you enjoy your hockey more.

We believe in people. We’re for everyone who believes in being different. Our international hockey megastars, our weekend grass warriors and our midweek hockey vets. Our up and coming junior stars (and their parents) who drive 5 hours to hockey training (and back). Our just started out beginners, our junior coaches, our Saturday social players and our desperately trying to crack a representative squad players.

Welcome to EDGE 2017. We believe in different.