Damien Clarke

Damien Clarke is the proud grandson of a YAWURU tribesman of the Broome Region. Born in Darwin in 1957 he is a artist behind the imagery that we are using on our Crusader designs.  

Damien has a strong connection to the sport of hockey and has been an active player for over 22 years. He has been fortunate enough to play in many competitions including the 2016 Australian Men’s Masters.

The sport has allowed him to play alongside many indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. He describes the opportunity ‘to have designed a traditional and culturally important image to be displayed on these amazing hockey sticks, is in its self uniquely special’.

Damien was not born into a family of artists but started out assisting others with their art around 16 years ago. Through these connections he was invited to participate. Over the years Damien has been granted permission through traditional elders to use different styles specific to different regions and tribes. He has grown as an artist and his skills have developed into what can only be described as remarkably beautiful. Damien’s art shows he has a wonderful understanding of cultural purpose and through his paintings he continues to respect the traditional laws. Damien values the experiences he has had working with amazing aboriginal artists from many different tribal areas of Australia.

Damien’s art allows him to feel grounded and at peace with the world, a connection to land and country is comforting whilst it’s also a need to protect his traditional heritage. To share and express the stories of his people. The understanding behind each design, traditional laws and its meanings are specific to each tribe and region.

The crocodile and kookaburra are native to Darwin region and are of importance to all Australians. They have been used for thousands of years by Aboriginal people for traditional purposes and telling stories.

Damien creates these amazing works from his home studio in the NT. Arrangements can be made for specific designs and or private viewings. If you would like to contact Damien or are interested in seeing more of his art please email: damiensnrclarke@gmail.com