Choosing Your Construction

'Construction' refers to what is inside the stick. What is it made of?

The construction defines the feel of the stick and how it will play. Its really important you pick a construction that suits you. Important points to note about our range:

Our featherlite sticks have a 2 channel core with a 90% carbon content. They are made this way in order to keep the weight as low as possible and retain  strength and power.  If you want a light stick, this should be your default selection.

Our 9, 7 and 5 series sticks are 3 channel cores. The 3 channel structure ensures consistency and strength. 

The 9 series has 90% carbon. The 7 series has 70% carbon. The 5 Series has 50% carbon. The higher the carbon content the greater the stiffness of the stick. 

All of our sticks with 70% plus carbon in them have international specification power levels.If you are a serious player, you will want to choose from the 9, 7 or Featherlite series. Pick the Featherlite series if you want a light stick. Pick the 9 series only if you are ultra powerful and have a very fast swing. Everyone else should pick the 7 series! 

All EDGE sticks have a reinforced slap zone and head to make your passes sizzle over longer distance; and a reinforced backhand zone for those beloved of the ‘tomma’.