About EDGE

At EDGE we believe in offering something a little different. Its a core part of our DNA. 

In 2012 we pioneered the launch of the mainstream mid low bow category – bringing moulds that were the preserve of drag flickers to the mass market.

In 2013 we were the first Australian brand to introduce a mainstream grooved shaft stick, providing a model that has been replicated the world over.

In 2014 we were the first brand to combine a 3 channel strut, reverse engineered with the 3k carbon weave coating – bringing players a guaranteed consistency and longevity to their equipment.

By 2015 we were giving back – teaming up with our players favourite charities to fundraise for them.

And in 2016 we introduced the featherlite range providing the lightest sticks on the market.

Looking ahead to 2017 we are excited by the launch of our first every global collection.

Things to look out for include:

  • The evolution of our dancer mould to maximize the bend
  • A brand new mould for drag flickers (The Gonzo)
  • Slimmer and lighter mould options (Transcend and 2017 Crusader)
  • A trend bucking heavy weighted slugger for the grass army (2017 Voyager)
  • And brand new artwork to give us a slick new look.

Welcome to EDGE 2017. Be different.