2018 Voyager

2017 Update

Not everyone wants the bendiest stick in town.  While straight sticks have been around since hockey began, by today’s standards this is a monumentally straight stick……..

What excites us about our 2017 stick is the weight range we have added to it. We’ve listened to the grass army and now you can get this beast in a 620g, ultra low balance point weight. We’re nicknaming this specification the ‘slugger’ and it will suit all those out there who want a stick to spank the shell clean from the core of the ball.

Still available in traditional weights.

7 Series RRP $475

5 Series RRP $150

Technical Notes

EDGE 2017 Voyager

You’ll be proud to realise that your preference for a straighter stick is a complement to your perfect technique. Following the simple principles of bio metrics, a straighter stick is more aligned with your body position, enhancing your timing and ball connection on passes. With your arms and  hands are in line and in a natural position – you’ll find your ball control far easier. Perfect for an instant first touch and for executing your devastating stick skills under pressure!

Our 17mm bow and 77mm head height give you the perfect tools to make an impact.

The 2017 model has the standard EDGE features of a reinforced slap zone and head to make your passes sizzle over longer distances; and  reinforced backhand zone for those beloved of the ‘tomma’.

Australian Availability

Currently Available in Australia in 7 Series:

- international construction specification

- 70% carbon content

- 3 channel core 

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