2015 is EDGE’s 4th season in the market

You’ll find EDGE equipment in the hands of hockey players across the world. As well as Australia, EDGE is sold in New Zealand, across Europe, South Africa, Hong Kong and the USA.

  • In Australia and the UK a host of shops have jumped on board the EDGE proposition – taking us from an online only brand, to one you’ll also find in great hockey shops.

  • Great players are discovering our products. We’re proud that Australian Internationals Kavanagh, Nanscawen and McMahon use our sticks. We’ve now got English, Belgium and French international reps and a range of junior internationals across the world playing with EDGE Hockey. In addition, we sponsor a massive range of junior and senior players – with over 100 players sponsored in Australia alone.

  • Last year we introduced our market leading technology – and saw the difference it made - with a doubling in our sales. We’re continuing to innovate with technology and shape – without the punitive price tags that other brands think are fair.

  • Not only are we Australia’s largest hockey brand on facebook, we’re the world’s second largest hockey brand on facebook! For a growing Australian hockey brand we’ve taken this as a massive vote of confidence from the most important people we know – YOU!